I've decided to start a little monthly feature on my blog dedicated to the abfab cast of Home Improvement. I'm going to kick things off with Zachary Ty "Brad Taylor" Bryan. Everybody remembers this overeating doucheturd wannabe-jock sibling. Most families have one, I know mine does (Me).

Apparantly Zachyboy is NOT gay, and under his "Career" section of Wikipedia, it states that he has recently played "Schoolyard Bully #2" in a Sinbad film (since when did they start crediting extras?), and landed a role on one of the Fast and the Furious films. Was he the valet? He and his wife are trying to start production on a documentary with ESPN...Let's not hold our breath.


kentucky fried dreamin'


Good Evenin'!!

Apparently this is real, and was aired on Public Access in NYC for a little while before it got cancelled.


good watchin'

There's this person on youtube who has devoted a lot of time and effort towards collecting footage and posting it online, of what he/she says are the "Worst Movie Scenes of All Time". At times, he/she's pretty spot on--although they DID include a dream sequence scene from Twin Peaks...Not cool, guy. Not cool at all. Anyway, I've posted below the few that I was totally all moi aussi with the choices. CHECK IT OUT:

Gargoyles sharing the most awkward and vagine-recoiling, peen-limping sexual tension in the film Gargoyles:

Family love, this footage takes me back. A crazy mother bullies her kid in Sybill:

A fucking 2" chicakee (successfully) attacks a family of what seems like 50, in the second installment of Nightmare on Elm Street:

And, this could possibly be my favourite, an (what feels like the 100th) installment of the Amittyville Horror collection:

I hope you found these as entertaining as I do. Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to drink tall cans.


har har


We buh-lieve in YOU!!

I love how the complimentary puzzle pieces don't fit together.

shit diamonds in a bath full of fine champagne

they auto-tuned the news again

Not as good at the second one, but it has it's moments.

back from the cottage

I just returned from a glorious and relaxing three day vacation at my cottage. I wanted to share with you an amazing discovery I'd made on my travels.

While we were on our 2 hour excursion to the north, I had an uncontrollable craving for sushi. I craved it so much it hurt. SO, we pulled up to a gas stop, and I went inside to see if there was anything that would cure my craving. Well, I did, And, here it was:


Don't even look at me like that until you've tried it.


eh? EH?

Does anybody else notice the striking similarites between Linda Hamilton in Terminator (1984) and Michael Cera in Year One (2009)? Just sayin'.

cleveland promo


my friends are amazing


gimme 5 dolla asshole

"Gayest Moment Ever"

Stumbled on this a long time ago, never seemed to be able to forget it. Note: The video is a lot funnier if you turn off the stupid annotations (little dog-ear button at the bottom right of the videobox). Below the video is a photo of this one time when a few pals and I decided to try and re-enact the "Gayest Moment Ever" for our buddy, photographer Zack Slootsky. We were at a pirate/90's theme party, and we may or may not have been pretty wasted. Shhhhhhhh, don't ask, baby. You ain't gotta do nothin'. Just sit back n' watch.

Shit, son. I just realized this photo is from like 2007.

I'd like to conclude this special 'flashback' post with: WAITING UNTIL FEB. 2010 FOR SEASON 6 OF L O S T IS GOING TO BE AGONIZING BEYOND MY MOST TERRIBLE NIGHTMARES.

Thanks for dropping by.




no i didn't?

whoever has been using my laptop to masterbate to brad pitt's "wild horses" scene in legends of the fall best be cleaning the keyboard post-cream.


holy shit


"the hooves"


baby namez

there is no doubt in my mind that if i have kids, and i have a boy and a girl, their names will be jack and juliette.

john mayer fan