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hootie hooooooooooo

meet my girl, latreasa goodman. she went to mcdonalds n' found HERself in some deep, Die Hard type shit, son. she hadda go'n tell the POlice on they stealin' ass.

what emergency? she ordered MCnuggets, and the triflin' counter bitch took HER money. THEN, that trick ass HO refused to give MY girl LAtreasA a refund when they told HER they didn't have anymo' nuggets anymo' at that time. WHAT THE HELL MCDONALDS DON'T HAVE NO CHICK'NUGGETS? then they tryna tellll HER that SHE gotta pick something off the menu...COS' THEY don't gotta retuuurrn policy. but she don't want nuttin' else on tha menu!!! so she call up the inforcers.
that is disrespectable and destructful behaviour, n' i won't be eatin' at mcdonalds for at least three times.

(Too much?)

Story told is truth, check out the calls below.

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